Tech of the Week: three brutal Sufferfest videos, Strava top tips, and more

Here's our pick of the tech highlights of the last week

Three more brutal Sufferfest videos

sufferfest screenshot

Sufferfest videos are a classic way of spicing up your turbo training

If you’re looking ahead at a winter of turbo sessions and wondering how to maintain your motivation, then the three new videos from The Sufferfest may well be worth a download. For those unfamiliar with such videos, they mostly consist of footage from pro races, stitched together to give you the basis of a short (but brutal) workout.

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Two of the three videos, Do As You’re Told and The Best Thing In The World are in typical Sufferfest territory, taking footage from races such as Gent-Wevelgem, Milan-San Remo, and the Tour of Flanders to create workouts that will improve your force, maximum power and recovery. However the third, To Get To The Other Side, is a little different, using more relaxed footage from the Col Collective to keep you entertained during 90 minutes of base training.

The wonders of Strava


There’s a lot more to Strava than meets the eye

If you thought the only thing Strava was good for was to give you some cold, hard numbers to enable you to show your superiority over your mates, then you’re wrong. In fact there’s much more to it than chasing KOMs and PRs, and you can use it as a really interesting tool to find the best routes and new people to ride with.

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Unfortunately most of these features are tucked away in the depths of the site, so see our countdown of the seven amazing things you didn’t know that Strava could do, including such gens as Strava Local, to find the most popular routes and cafe stops, and the Clusterer, to help you avoid the crowds on the busiest roads.

Getting ready for winter


There’s no putting it off any longer – it’s time to get ready for winter

If you didn’t know before, then this weekend should have confirmed that the winter is well and truly upon us. This means that it’s time to start planning to make sure that both you and your bike are ready for the rubbish weather ahead.

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The best place to start is our guide to how to get your bike ready for winter. Mudguards are the obvious place to start, but you might not have thought to double wrap your handlebar tape to give a little extra comfort on rough roads, or even investing in a pair of dedicated training wheels to save your best pair of hoops.

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Now your bike’s taken care of (the most important thing of course), it’s time to make sure your body is well protected too. And if there’s one part of your body to take good care of it’s your legs, so you’ll need to know what to look for in a good pair of bib tights. Of course you’ll need a pair that are nice and windproof, but should you go for ones with or without a pad. We’ll leave that one up to you.

November’s top tech

And finally, we gave you our pick of the best products that we’ve been testing over the last month. We’ve had plenty to choose from, with all of the latest winter kit beginning to filter into the shelves.

That means you’ve got an innovative set of Bontrager lights which can be controlled from a remote on your handlebars, and a pair of HED Ardennes wheels that are perfect for putting up with the beating of wintry British roads.