It must be a little disappointing for Taya that just as they bring out their new DECA 101 10-speed chain, the industry is buzzing about the possibility of 11 for 2009. That aside the Deca is compatible with all manufacturers groupsets and includes Taya?s patented Sigma ?tool-less? link connector.

An anti-rust treatment called Tebelon is a process that Taya has learned from their vast Taiwanese industrial experience, which has obvious benefits applied to bicycle chains. The Deca 101 also benefits from a number of finishing qualities such as chamfers on four edges of the outer plate, and deeper chamfers on the inner plates to aid smooth shifting.

Hardened, sub-punched pins sit just below the outer surface keeping it slick. Everything points to a reliable and strong design; with no hollow links or pins it?s not the lightest, 292g, but it?s not too expensive either at £28.99.

Available from Bohle UK 01743 874496.

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