Tejvan Pettinger’s National Hill Climb winning machine

This is the bike that took Tejvan Pettinger (Sri Chinmoy CT) to his first victory in the National Hill- Climb Championships after nine years of trying.

The first thing that strikes you is that it isn’t particularly different from an off-the-peg Trek Madone. Perhaps in this hill-climb championships, as one infamous (former) Trek rider once said: “it’s not about the bike.”

“It’s pretty much as I bought it apart from the wheels,” said Pettinger. “It’s got an Ax-lightness front wheel and a rear Zipp 202.”

The Stang was a course made for roadmen and road machines, with the varying gradient and fast downhill section requiring gears and options over ultimate weight savings.

There were at least a couple of concessions to gravity on Pettinger’s machine besides the expensive wheels. The 36-year-old opted not to fit time trial bars as some did for the climb and fitted lightweight handlebar tape to go with the 85g saddle and Speedplay pedals.

Consequently it weighed approximately 5.9kg: well under the UCI’s 6.8kg weight limit but by no means the lightest hill-climb bike around.

“Last year I stripped off all the handlebar tape and everything, but this year I left that on; you pull on the bars quite a lot on this climb,” he added.

“I also bought a really lightweight stem last year but I sold it at the start of the year and went back to the original. I wanted the money rather than the 50g weight saving!”

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