Time I-Clic2 pedals

Sneaking under the radar at September’s Eurobike was this update to Time’s I-Clic pedals. On paper the I-Clics are an absolute winner.
Carbon leaf spring to give extra strength

The carbon leaf spring is primed when the cleat is removed and a button releases it when the cleat is engaged. Only a close-up comparison reveals the differences between the new and old version. The pedal body gains built-in steel plates to restrict wear to the cleat and provide a more stable base to push against; internally a longer-fibre carbon has been used to improve impact resistance. All importantly, the arch geometry for both the pedal and cleat have been reworked to give a more fluid engagement. The carbon-bodied steel axle version featured here costs £149.99 or for an additional £125 (£274.99) you can go for the titanium axled version.

Contact: Chicken Cycles

Steal plates to resrict wear to both pedal and cleat

Choose from either carbon or titanium axels