TomTom launches action camera (video)

TomTom has launched a new action camera with novel smartphone-based editing software

The popularity of the GoPro action camera has led to ever more companies entering the market. The latest is TomTom, which has today launched its Bandit action camera, priced at £299.99. With so many choices, new cameras need to distinguish themselves from the competitors. TomTom has a couple of novel features in its design.

The camera itself is a 9.5cm long cylindrical design weighing 190 grams and with the controls on top of the camera’s body. It is IPX7 waterproof and will shoot video at full HD and 30 or 60 frames per second or at 720p with 60 or 120fps. It will also shoot cinematic at 2.7k30 and 4k15. There’s a video show while cycling here:

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The camera is WiFi and Bluetooth enabled and there are in-built motion and GPS sensors too, so that video footage can be searched and tagged by location, speed, heart rate and other parameters as well as manually.

The camera is designed to take a modular, swap-out Batt-Stick – a combined battery pack and USB storage device with a claimed battery life of up to three hours, which can be removed from the camera and plugged straight into a computer’s USB port, to download the video.

There’s a full selection of mounts and accessories available, including a handlebar mount and an adaptor to allow a GoPro mount to be used. You can also buy a remote control so that, for example, a helmet mounted camera can be controlled from the handlebars.

The most novel part of the spec, however, is not the camera but TomTom’s editing software. Recognising the time involved in downloading and editing footage before it can be posted or shared, TomTom has built a media server into the camera, which works with an app on a smartphone.

The smartphone is used to review the footage on the camera and select it for an edit by shaking the phone, which causes the selected footage to be inserted into a movie. A user can change the selected video, add music, overlay metrics and then post it to the web, all without needing to use a computer.

The camera will be available in May and a premium version with more accessories in June, priced at £379.99. As is often the case, the smartphone app will only be available for Apple phones at launch, but an android version is in development.