Using natural ingredients, Torq adds to its range of performance-enhancing foodstuffs with gels.

Torq?s energy gel has been formulated with a 2:1 maltodextrin to fructose blend that has been proven to give 40 per cent greater carbohydrate delivery during exercise.

Coming in three flavours, there is a fourth with added Guarana. Using the same formula as the three other flavours, this one gives a big kick (89mg) of caffeine per gel.

On top of this, Torq gels are dairy and wheat-free, also being suitable for vegans. Flavours are Strawberry Yoghurt, Black Cherry Yoghurt, Orange and Banana, and Forest Fruits with Guarana.

Price is £1.15 per gel or £1.40 for the Guarana gel.

Contact:, 0845 128 4312