Torq’s alcoholic beer-flavoured energy gel: the perfect gel for winter training?

Limited edition gel has a 1.2% alcohol content

Over my years of being a cyclist I’ve lost track of the number of energy gels that I’ve forced down my throat to get me through the final hours of races and long training rides. But despite that I’ve yet to find a gel flavour that I can actually say that I like.

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Well that search may now be over, as Torq has released a limited edition beer-flavoured Winter Shandy energy gel, which also comes with a little bit of an edge as, unlike High5’s Mojito-flavoured energy gel, it is actually alcoholic.

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The reason for that is that the gel has been made using Adnams Ghost Ship ale (although the nutritional makeup of the gels will still be very similar to standard Torq gels) giving an alcohol content of less than 1.2% ABV, which means that you’d have to down more than 34 gels to consume the same amount of alcohol that you would get from a half pint of Adnams ale.

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Torq will be launching the gel at the Cycle Show at the N.E.C. Birmingham on 22 September, and it will be available to buy online and in stores from 26 September with just one production run for the entire winter season.

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