George Hincapie?s Advanced SL is the final production example of the 2009 model using Toray T800 carbon. This higher-grade carbon gives a lighter weight but improved stiffness over the previous T700.

George Hincapies Giant TCR Advanced SL

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Giant claim that the stiffness has been improved by 42% with 26% of this being to an improved design and material lay up at the bottom bracket. Giant has a new 86mm wide bottom bracket shell to enclose the bearings and improve stiffness and reduce the weight.

FC-7800 cranks and 7900 chainrings.

The head tube has also been stiffened, with a 1-¼in lower headset bearing tapering to a 1-1/8in upper bearing, something that must have put a smile on Hincapie?s face considering the huge XL size that he uses.

Sponsored by Shimano it is no surprise to see that there is the new Dura Ace 7900 groupset fitted to the bike. This is not a production version but the final prototype so there will be no drastic changes to the design from what you can see here.

Internal SRM cables.

Columbia use SRM Power Meters and George as the rest of the team uses one everyday on his race bike. From the looks of Hincapie?s bike the new Dura Ace cranks aren?t yet SRM compatible as he is using the older FC-7800 175mm cranks with the SRM fitted and the new design 7900 chainrings. The SRM cables are cleaning fitted, entering at the top tube and headset junction and run internally to come out of the bottom bracket cable guide.

Clean cabling.

The team have no wheel sponsor so will often be using anything from Shimano to Lightweight depending on the days course. Hincapie was using HED deep section wheels when we pictured his bike, rebranded with the team?s logo, only being given away by the branded hub.

The remainder of the bike is kept simple, Shimano?s component company Pro, provides its Vibe 7 aluminium stem and bars with a Selle Italia Flite being Hincapie?s choice of perch.

HED hub gives the game away.

Pro Vibe 7 aluminium stem and bars.