Genuine Innovations is the driving force in CO2 adapter technology, and the Air Chuck SL is its top model, using the cartridge as a handle just like the Specializedversion.

It?s easy to use but can leak slightly when screwing on the cartridge. It offers good control but does have a heavy activation spring.

Slightly bulkier than either of the others, the Truflo uses a screw-turn valve. In use, the valve proves to be a little too sensitive to be ideal, however, negating its benefits. We experienced leakage when connecting to a presta valve, which was a downer.

Specialized?s CPro2 works in the same way as the Air Chuck but with a lighter action when using the head as a trigger, offering better control. The head moving inside its body helps keep the moving parts away from the user?s hands, and it comes with a sleeve covering the cartridge to protect the hands against the freezing cartridge when inflating, just like the Truflo.


The Air Chuck SL, while rudimentary, is very reliable and operates just as effectively as the sleek Specialized version. Both outperform the Truflo, which is substantially cheaper but works well enough.

Specialized CPro2 £12.99

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Genuine Innovations Air Chuck SL £14.99

Contact Zyro 01845 521700,

Truflo Micro CO2 pump £7.99

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