Gravel rash is a painful but inevitable part of cycling. This week we put three dressings to the test.

Savlon?s Hydrocolloid Dressings come as a pack of five, each measuring 7.5cm by 5cm, but with an activated ?island? measuring just 5cm by 2.5cm. Stick is superb and long lasting but Zinc Ozide tape is required to hold it all in place on your joints.

Anyone who?s used Menolin pads will know that ?low adherent? does not equal ?pain free?, as it still hurts like hell to remove. At 10cm square, they cover a good area and require tape to hold them in place. Compared to a bandage they?re a big improvement, but they don?t reduce scarring like the others here.

Like the Savlon, Boots Faster Healing is shower proof. A thicker pad, covering the whole 8cm rectangle, is used, making it a better bet for large areas. They can also be placed next to each other, which you?ll appreciate when half of your leg is missing its skin.


If your rash is small enough, the Savlon patches perform the best because the thin pad moves with your skin and stays put. If it?s a large area, the Faster Healing version from Boots make an impressive showing. Ideally you?ll need a combination of the two. The Menolin are cheap but outdated by the hydrocolloid plasters.

Boots Melolin wound dressing pads £2.49

Pack of three, 10cm by 10cm


CW verdict: 5/10

Savlon Hydrocolloid dressing £4.99

Pack of five, 7.5cm by 5cm


CW verdict: 9/10

Boots Faster Healing £4.49

3 x 5cm by 7cm, 2 x 7cm by 8cm


CW verdict: 9/10