The KMC chain has a simple, obvious and positive closure system which, combined with an equally simple opening, made it our favourite.

The positive action of the closure, combined with an easy yet fail-safe opening to inspire confidence, also made this an easy link to work with. Available in both Shimano and Campagnolo-width fittings.

Again offered in both Campagnolo and Shimano widths, as well as a Mavic version, the Wipperman uses the same principles as the KMC system. Slightly unclear instructions and an orientation-specific link can cause confusion, but once familiar with the system, it proved as simple to use as the KMC.

Most closely resembling the KMC system, though only available in black, the single-use SRAM link would suffice in a sticky situation. A step up from the chain tool closure method, but not as good as the multi-use chain link systems. Only available in one width.

The SRAM link, though effective, has limited appeal due to its one-time-only use. Both the KMC and Wipperman are multi-use, but the KMC triumphs due to its simplicity and more positive closure.

KMC Missing Link

CW RATING: 10/10

Wipperman ConneX
Shimano £6.99, Campag £5.99


SRAM Power Lock