Detour de France follows three Australians chasing the biggest race in the world. Two journos plus one tagging along for the ride makes for an end result that is somewhere between race reporting and a road trip with your mates. It?s an amusing and interesting insight into what it?s like to work on Le Tour.

Chasing the heels of other team documentaries, The Quest 2 follows the young Saunier Duval squad?s 2006 season, focusing on the Tour de France on a stage-by-stage basis, with in-depth insight from star rider David Millar and expressive Spanish commentary from the team management.

Hell on Wheels is a true classic and provides a well-executed and valuable insight into the lives of Erik Zabel and Rolf Aldag during the 100th edition of the 2003 Tour. Director Pepe Danquart gives us a roadside view of the suffering, both mental and physical, that riders go through over three gruelling weeks in July.

It would appear from this trio of DVDs that if you want to document the workings of a pro bike team, the Tour almost guarantees gripping footage. Hell on Wheels is still a documentary that every director should aspire to; Detour is a new view of the race, and a welcome change; and The Quest 2 is a fascinating look into a team running on sheer enthusiasm.

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