Well known for its cycling body care, Ozone is part of Italian turbo-trainer company Elite.

Its Warming Oil is an oil-alcohol solution which helps give it a fast absorption rate into the skin. Added to the product are natural oils to enhance the oil?s energising qualities. As a result the skin immediately gets hot when applied, but this soon simmers down to leave a longer warming effect to protect the muscles. It leaves a fine film.

Agu is warm-up oil supplier to the Rabobank pro team, and its products are made in Holland. The Warming-up Extra?s consistency is close to cooking oil, being easily absorbed into the skin to leave behind a fine film that acts as a protective layer.

On a par with the heat of the Ozone, Agu has a light warming action, making it ideal for both the milder and colder winter days.

Sportsbalm?s Hot Balm is unlike either of the other two balms here, with the texture being like a thick cream rather than an oil. Its thickness is evident when rubbed into the skin, leaving a visible layer.

Working down to sub-zero temperatures, it is more suitable to the coldest winter days, and leaving an extra layer on the skin makes it ideal for winter racing and wet weather.


Sportsbalm Hot Balm is limited to the more extreme conditions but there are cooler versions available. In less severe weather, Elite is an excellent option, feeling like it has control of the task in hand. Agu will also keep you hot under the collar and comes at a better price point than the Ozone.

Elite Ozone Warming Oil

150ml, £8.99

Contact: Ultimate Pursuits,

CW Rating: 8

Sportsbalm Hot Balm

200ml, £6.99

Contact: JD Whiskers 01707 326115

CW Rating: 7

Agu Warming-up Extra

150ml, £6.95

Contact: Prendas,

CW Rating: 8