Wahoo Fitness creates indoor fitness desk for work hungry cyclists

Wahoo Fitness reveals its latest product, an indoor cycling and standing desk to aid work while you exercise

Ever worried about how you can combine the need to cycle and answer e-mails at the same time? Well worry no more as the answer to that problem has arrived.

The Wahoo Fitness indoor cycling and standing desk allows the user to work and cycle in whatever riding whatever position they prefer. Whether it be sitting upright, on the drops or riding on aero bars, your needs are catered for.

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“As a cyclist who sometimes struggles to find the time to get out for a ride and as a religious KICKR user, the Wahoo Cycling desk was a natural solution,” said Wahoo Fitness CEO Chip Hawkins.

“Whether it’s the ability to answer a few emails while I get in an easy spin at the office or a place to stash all of the necessities for an hours-long sufferfest in the basement, the Cycling Desk really elevates the entire indoor cycling experience.”

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Featuring built-in tablet and smartphone stands, a cable management system and a slip resistant desk surface, there really is no excuse for not keeping a tidy work area with all your devices at hand.

The desk can also be adjusted in height to allow use for those who either want to continue working off the bike or those who simply just prefer to stand.

The Wahoo Fitness indoor cycling and fitness desk is available online from £179.99…why wouldn’t you want one?