Wiggins’s Hour Record-breaking bike moves to a new home

Wiggins’s Hour Record-breaking bike and what could be Team Wiggins’s next road bike are both on display at a new bike store in London.

On Wednesday evening (17 June) The Bike Rooms opened its new bike store on London’s Regent Street.

The Bike Rooms London, which is the third store to open in the UK (following the sister shops in Manchester and Swindon), will solely stock Pinarello bikes, which with a strong connection with Wiggins’s team and brand saw a number of Wiggo livered bikes along with a Team Wiggins Jaguar F-Type parked outside for the opening ceremony.

In line with the trend of putting iconic bikes on display, a major attraction for cycling fans over the next few weeks will definitely be the adapted Pinarello Bolide on which Wiggins rode 54.526km to break Alex Dowsett’s Hour Record distance of 52.937 km. Miguel Indurain’s Hour Record time trial machine will also be on show for a limited time.

Watch the above video to see an up-close view of Wiggo’s Hour Record Pinarello Bolide and what could be Team Wiggins’s new Pinarello Dogma paint job.

Sir Bradley Wiggins’s Pinarello Bolide

Bradley Wiggins - UCI Hour Record

Wiggo’s Pinarello Bolide just before his Hour Record (Photo: Watson)

The 3D- printed titanium bars used by Wiggins for the Hour Record caused a bit of controversy. From the video you can see the bars that were designed to keep Wiggins’s shoulders as narrow as possible for the full hour. Also, you can clearly see the interesting wide horizontal shape of the two hand-grips to further improve comfort and aerodymanics, no doubt.

Throughout the Hour Record Sir Bradley Wiggins sat towards the nose of his Fizik Arione K3 saddle. On the video you can see the anti-slip patch on the top surface of the saddle.

The frame is decorated in Team Wiggins’s colours along with the Twitter #my hour and a row of Wiggins’s roundel logos listing his biggest cycling achievements.

For more information on the tech used in Wiggo’s Hour Record see our report from 9 June.

Miguel Indurain’s Pinarello Espada

The Bike Rooms Launch 17[13] copy

Miguel Indurain’s Hour Record bike kitted out with a Selle Italia saddle, ITM handlebars and Campagnolo wheels

Sitting alongside Wiggins’s bike is another famed Hour Record-breaking bike. In 1994, shortly after winning his fourth Tour de France, Miguel Indurain took on Graeme Obree’s distance of 52.713km set earlier that year.

Pinarello collaborated with aerodynamics engineer Ing. Giacchi, who worked extensively with Formula One racing, to create a truly innovative bike at a time when UCI rules were not as restrictive as they are today. One of the biggest challenges for Indurain, in addition to his shortage of track riding experience, was trying to get a low enough position that he could hold for an hour but would be sufficiently aerodynamic.

Like Wiggins there had been talk of Indurain reaching 55km, but despite riding the revolutionary Pinarello Espada Indurain could only set a then new hour record of 53.040km.


Miguel Indurain riding to a new Hour Record on the Pinarello Espada in 1994 (Photo: Watson)

Is this Team Wiggins’s new road bike for 2016?

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 17.13.36

Pinarello Dogma F8 decked out in Team Wiggins’s colours?

Currently Team Wiggins are riding white Pinarello Dogma F8s.

The Pinarello Dogma F8 on display at The Bike Rooms (as shown in the above video and photo) has a paint job matching that of Wiggins’ Hour Record bike. Could Team Wiggins be riding a very similar paint job in the near future?

The Bike Rooms London is open for business and, in addition to Pinarello bikes, shall be stocking the following brands: Corima, Assos, Giordana and Rudy Project. For further information please visit The Bike Rooms’s website.