If there is one wheel that has consistently come out tops this past race season it?s the Zipp 808.

In crosswinds they were a revelation, thanks to the toroidal rim shape. I get as fed up as the next man with over-worked marketing terms but the reality was impressive. You will still get blown around but it?s much more predictable than regular, flat-sided deep sections. When the wind catches you it does so more slowly and it?s the same as it eases off, giving you time to adjust your line.

Zipp hubs have had some flak from us but we had no problems with this pair, although a spoke came loose on the first ride.

Despite the short spokes and deep sidewalls comfort was still acceptable, which was a surprise. Climbing performance was good too, belying the mass of the 808s.

What really struck me though was just how fast the wheels felt. The first few rides I thought I was just on a good day, but by the end of the season it was clear the 808?s were the reason.

For larger riders looking for the fastest road race wheels, I can think of none better.

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Zipp 808 wheels