Vuelta a España 2021 route: Organisers announce all-Spanish route, no Madrid finish and a ‘historic new climb’

The organisers of the Spanish Grand Tour have released details of this year’s race 

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The Vuelta a España organisers have announced the 2021 route, including an all-Spanish parcours, an exciting new climb and a finish outside of Madrid. 

This year’s edition of the Spanish Grand Tour will take on a different shape due to the global coronavirus crisis, with the organisers opting to cover a large distance but to keep the race inside the borders of Spain. 

Starting on August 14 and running to September 5, the 2021 Vuelta will cover 3336km starting in the city of Burgos and will race to the province of A Coruña, which will replace the traditional Madrid finish. 

Vuelta 2021 full route
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Race director Javier Guillen said: “The world is going through a very tough time right now, and this is being particularly felt in our country. 

“For this reason, we wished to design a different kind of race. It is an ambitious Vuelta, that will cover many kilometres, but will stay only within Spain. We want to showcase our country: its beauty and its potential as a tourism world leader. 

“We will be present in many territories, with a huge variety of terrains and unprecedented locations, while also visiting some of the country’s largest tourist centres. This is our way of entertaining people and of promoting tourism as we await a gradual return to normality.”

The race will start with an 8km time trial in Burgos, followed by an early high altitude finish at Picón Blanco on stage three.

Then it’s onto the eastern including Valencia and Alicante, before the first week concludes at the Alto de Velefique in Almería. 

In the second week, the race will take on the new climb of Pico Cilluercas and then in the third week the peloton will tackle the Lagos de Covadonga climb and the brand new mountain pass, Altu d’El Gamoniteiru. 

The race will conclude in A Coruña with a final time trial. 

Vuelta a España 2021 route

Stage one - Burgos to Catedral (8km, ITT)

Vuelta 2021 stage one
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Stage two - Caleruega to Burgos (169km)

Vuelta 2021 stage two
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Stage three - Santo Domingo de Silos to Picón Blanco (203km)

Vuelta 2021 stage three
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Stage four - El Burgo de Osma to Molina de Aragón (163.6km)

Vuelta 2021 stage four
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Stage five - Tarancón to Albacete (184.4km)

Vuelta 2021stage five
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Stage six - Requena to Alto de la Montaña de Cullera (159km)

Vuelta 2021 stage six
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Stage seven - Gandía to Balcón de Alicante (152km)

Vuelta 2021 stage seven
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Stage eight - Santa Pola to La Manga del mar Menor (163.3km)

Vuelta 2021 stage eight
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Stage nine - Puerto-Lumbreras to Alto de Velefique (187.8km)

Vuelta 2021 stage nine
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Stage 10 - Roquetas de Mar to Rincón de la Victoria (190.2km)

Vuelta 2021 stage 10
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Stage 11 - Antequera to Valdepeñas de Jaén (131.6km)

Vuelta 2021 stage 11
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Stage 12 - Jaén to Córdoba (166.7km)

Vuelta 2021 stage 12
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Stage 13 - Belmez to Villanueva de la Serena (197.2km)

Vuelta 2021 stage 13
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 Stage 14 - Don Benito to Pico Villuercas (159.7km)

Vuelta 2021 stage 14
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Stage 15 - Navalmoral de la Mata to El Barraco (193.4km)

Vuelta 2021 stage 15
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Stage 16 - Laredo to Santa Cruz de Bezana (170.8km)

Vuelta 2021 stage 16
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Stage 17 - Unquera to Lagos de Covadonga (181.6km)

Vuelta 2021 stage 17
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Stage 18 - Salas to Altu d'El Gamoniteiru (159.2km)

Vuelta 2021 stage 18
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Stage 19 - Tapia to Monforte de Lemos (187.8km)

Vuelta 2021 stage 19
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Stage 20 - Sanxenxo to Mos. Castor de Herville (173.6km)

Vuelta 2021 stage 20
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Stage 21 - Padrón to Santiago de Compostela (33.7km, ITT)

Vuelta 2021 stage 21
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