Watch: 360-degree on-bike footage from inside the Vuelta a España peloton

Check out Eurosport's interactive 360-degree video from inside the Vuelta a España stage 10

We’ve had on-board cameras for a couple of seasons now, bringing us closer than ever to the action in the peloton, but Eurosport have raised the bar by bringing us 360-degree footage from inside a race.

Dimension Data‘s Jaco Venter had the 360 camera on his bike during stage 10 of the Vuelta a España and the result is pretty cool.

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It’s unclear as to what stage of the 188km ride to the Lagos de Covadonga the footage comes from, but it looks to show riders attempting to escape out the front of the pack to form a breakaway.

Click here or on the picture below to watch the video

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 10.46.41

Rather than having to look in the direction the rider’s bars are facing, you can look all around Venter, staring at his facial expressions as he ups the tempo on the front of the bunch, or watching the riders smoke it past him and off the front.

Then there are some handy pop-ups to tell you who is who. Philippe Gilbert spends a bit of time in front of Venter in his Belgian champion’s kit, while Sam Bewley does a quick turn on the front before flicking the elbow to tell Venter to move through.

To interact with the video, all you need to do is rotate your phone to get a new angle or, if using a desktop computer, click and drag on the video player to select a new view.