What do the pros know about Yorkshire?

When the Tour de France route was unveiled last month, the audience at Paris were shown a promotional video (bit.ly/1a6PCOc) featuring Yorkshire frame-builder Ricky Feather (and his whippet), Cycling Weekly asked a selection of pros: what do you know about Yorkshire?

Jérémy Roy (FDJ)[left]
“I know nothing about Yorkshire! I’ve never even been there; I went to London once with my school but that is the only time I’ve been to the UK.

I’ve just not had the time to go back. I recognised the little dog but I am not really a specialist on dog breeds.”

Jens Voigt 
“I have been to the CSC HQ which is just north of London – so maybe just in Yorkshire? I have been to Hampshire, Stonehenge, Chris Boardman’s area, close to Wales and Scotland. We crossed Yorkshire once when we did the PruTour [in 1999-2000]. I don’t remember much because I’ve done another 10,000 days of racing since then! I’m not the best at memorising things anyway.”

Blel Kadri (Ag2r La Mondiale)[left]
“I have no idea what a whippet is. I don’t know Yorkshire at all either – all that I know about it is what I saw in the presentation.

It looks interesting, and I think we’ll all have to keep one eye on the weather forecast when we visit next year.”

Jurgen Van den Broeck 
“I know little about it but the whippet looks like a nice dog! I know a few things about Yorkshire because I did the Tour of Britain one or two times, but really all I remember from that is that for us it’s strange to ride on the other side of the road!”

Christophe Riblon (Ag2r La Mondiale)[left]
“I have never been to Yorkshire. I saw some really beautiful images on the video, but it’s England so I guess we can expect some wind and the possibility of rain!

I’m excited by the finish in London; I’ll have to keep my eyes wide open because we’re going to fly past all the sights.”

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