Cycling Weekly August 29 2019

Letter from the editor

Hands up all of you who have at one point or another become too obsessed with your riding? It definitely happened to me, when I was young and full of dreams of winning the Tour de France. If anything got in the way of my training and racing 
I could sulk for England.

I remember once getting over one bug 
or illness only to immediately get ill again. 
I barely spoke to my parents for a day or two 
I was so upset.

Of course now I’m older and wiser, with countless other responsibilities, I think I’d never be like that again. Then I set myself a little target to get fit for and I suddenly catch myself slipping back into those old habits 
of putting my training and diet before 
everyday life.

It’s easily done. And it’s not particularly conducive to harmony at home. Our 
fitness feature this week deals with this 
very topic. Highlighting the warning signs and recounting the stories of riders who have been affected.

We all want to be out there riding our bikes, but for that to be sustainable it needs to be a healthy part of our everyday lives.

Simon Richardson,
Cycling Weekly magazine editor

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