Cycling Weekly February 21 2019

Letter from the editor

I recently visited Ribble HQ in Preston to ride their new e-bike with Sean Yates. If previous reactions are anything to go by, there’ll already be some questioning my suitability as editor of this magazine due to the fact I went near a bike with a motor in.

There is still a lot of resistance to them, I think partly because the first thing most people think of is hidden motor = cheating.

In truth, e-bikes are going to take a little time to find their way into our world. From a commuting or utilitarian point they make perfect sense. Get one million people out of their cars and on to e-bikes and you can start to make a big difference to congestion and pollution. If cities continue to build good infrastructure (can we please have Chris Boardman as Transport Secretary) e-bike sales could explode.

But what of race bikes? The Ribble I rode is full carbon, has Shimano Di2 and only weighs 11kg. But as the motor only assists you (it won’t work without you putting in some effort) up to 25kph, who will be buying them? Most of us, I would guess ride above that speed on average anyway.

Having now ridden one, I’m convinced bikes like the Ribble SLe could get lots more people out on bikes, and that can only be a good thing.

Simon Richardson
Cycling Weekly magazine editor

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