Cycling Weekly January 09 2020

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Letter from the editor

In 2002 I was sent to Manchester Velodrome to take a look at GB’s brand new UKSI bike. It was in Peter Keen’s office and, in all honesty, was a bit underwhelming. It went on to be one of the most successful bikes ever made. So when the new Hope bike launched in November I knew we had to go see it. Read more from page 24.

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Having covered UCI tech reg updates since they came into being (with equal excitement and befuddlement) I’m fairly certain this bike will be banned post-Tokyo 2020. It fits all the regs now, but has committed one sin.

One of the key facets of the UCI’s 1996 Lugano charter (a brief statement of intent that led to the extensive tech regs) is the bicycle’s status as a historical phenomenon that underpins the sports culture. 
The regs are there to keep a bicycle looking like the bicycle that we have known and loved for over 100 years.

And this is where the Hope/Lotus bike falls down. The front of it looks radically different to what we think of as a bike. So later this year don’t be surprised if the UCI regs are updated 
in regard to a bike’s 
width and this model 
is consigned to the history books.

Simon Richardson,
Cycling Weekly magazine editor

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