Cycling Weekly July 2 2020

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In the weeks following the death of American George Floyd and the gathering momentum of the Black Lives Matter movement a lot of people, businesses and sports have taken a long hard look at themselves. And that includes us.

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You don’t have to spend long watching or reading about bike racing to see that it’s not a very diverse sport.

While we’re focused on getting magazines on the shelves, British Cycling are focused on administering the sport and winning medals, manufacturers on selling their kit and clubs on providing for their members, it can be hard to not only find the time, but the drive and knowhow to really change the things we do and the way we work. After all, we’re all creatures of habit and change can be daunting.

But we must. We are all invested in the sport, and no sport will succeed if it doesn’t adapt and change to the world and society around it.

There are a few things we at CW can do quickly, like using a more diverse range models in our photoshoots, but there are other actions that will take more time.

What’s clear is that we all need to play our part in making cycling more open, and more attractive to a lot more people. We’re up for the challenge, we hope you are too.

Simon Richardson
Cycling Weekly magazine editor

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