Cycling Weekly July 23 issue

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It’s a long time since I’ve ridden a ten-mile time trial. Might even be two years. This thought dawned on me as I sat on my turbo waiting to start our virtual club ten on Zwift last Wednesday evening. It might have only been a virtual event, and a bit of fun, but my competitive nature is still alive and well, and the butterflies always come back.

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It was then with a growing sense of tightness in the pit of my stomach that I remembered how much the next 24 minutes was going to hurt. Funny how you block out those memories right up until your start time.

At the start I was right at the front, and before I knew it I was off, trying not to get carried away in the first few minutes, but in full knowledge that a couple of hundred people were behind and about to chase me down.

This wouldn’t normally bother, but remember anyone who caught and passed me would see my name printed above my avatars head. There really was no missing me.

Thankfully it was only Dr Hutch who took a screenshot of the moment he passed me. He text it to me within a minute of finishing, with the note; ‘In case you missed it’. I think he enjoyed that. Hope to see you next Wednesday on the London circuit.

Simon Richardson
Cycling Weekly magazine editor

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