Cycling Weekly November 22 2018

Cycling Weekly magazine November 22 2018 issue, on sale from Thursday priced £3.25

Letter from the editor

We all have moments from our cycling lives that we look back upon and inwardly cringe. Mine are from my first year or so — I guess that’s not surprising. There’s a broad base of cycling knowledge we all have to assimilate and some can be quite personal.

Hence our fitness feature this week discussing issues that often go unsaid. Because no one turns up to their first club run and says, “How do I avoid saddle sores?!”

When I was a newbie I spent the first six months dry shaving my legs. I don’t remember cutting them to shreds but I must have done. I was a student and maybe there wasn’t enough hot water to go round to do them in the shower, so I’d warm the room up and shave them sat on the floor before hoovering up afterwards. What was I thinking?

It’s not uncommon for someone in the CW office to over-share an embarrassing tale much to everyone’s amusement, but there’s a serious side to all this and we’re lucky to work in an office full of cyclists.

That’s why a subscription to CW can make for a great Christmas gift. So if you need to drop hints to your family, or know 
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Simon Richardson
Cycling Weekly magazine editor

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Cycling Weekly magazine November 15 2018 issue, on sale from Thursday priced £3.25