Cycling Weekly October 4 2018 issue

Cycling Weekly magazine October 4 2018 issue, on sale from Thursday priced £3.25

Letter from the editor

As good as the racing was at the Worlds, the other big story was one of elections. David Millar put his hat in to the ring for president of the riders’ union, the CPA, late in the day and the ensuing spat was gripping.

Until now, this role has been passed on by the incumbent to a chosen successor (not exactly a model of democracy) but when there’s a challenge it goes to a vote.

It turns out the current voting system isn’t fit for purpose, which brought about protests, fanning the flames of discontent further still.

What surprised me was the criticism aimed at Millar. Some said his doping past made him unsuitable. Like him or not, Millar’s work post-ban has been a force for good, and he should have been applauded for putting himself forward for what is, let’s be honest, a fairly thankless role.

Current president Gianni Bugno is hardly a champion of the peloton. Bugno will be exceptionally well connected, but the CPA steps into action only on rare occasions, usually too late, and often with a laughable statement that reads like it’s been decided at the end of a long, well-lubricated lunch.

The irony of all this is that if the riders ever backed a strong union working in their best interests, they might realise that they’re the ones who hold all the power.

Simon Richardson
Cycling Weekly magazine editor

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Cycling Weekly magazine October 4 2018 issue, on sale from Thursday priced £3.25

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