Blackburn Zayante Mini pack




  • Good size
  • Water resistant
  • Side opening


  • No reflective surface on rear of pack

Price as reviewed:


Two tubes, a CO2 inflator plus spare canister, two tyre levers, a multi tool, emergency tyre boot and patches, is what we fitted in the Zayante mini – it’s a little Tardis.

That’s largely thanks to the vertically-zipped design, which means the side opens out for really easy access and packing.

Size is spot-on and crucially the shape is narrow – under two inches wide – so it tucks really neatly under the saddle and behind the seatpost, with no overhang to potentially catch your inner thighs on.

The mounting is a simple strap over the seat rails, so nothing fancy but very effective, plus there’s a rubber o-ring to stretch around the front of the seatpost too, so it stays firmly in situ.


It's water resistant enough to keep things dry in all but constant drenching. Reflective piping on the sides is a worthy addition, but nothing on the rear is a shame. Contact: