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Garmin 705 Ant+


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We have previously discussed the main functions of the Garmin 705 but having now tried it paired up with an Ant+ compatible PowerTap we thought it deserved a bit of attention with regards to that aspect of its functionality.

Ant+ is a wireless data transmission protocol developed by Garmin. Other manufacturers such as SRM and PowerTap have been able to develop their hardware so that it sends data in the Ant+ format and can thereby be picked up and displayed by their Ant+ units.

Using the Garmin 705 with a PowerTap could not be a simpler process. Activate the function on the head unit, spin the wheel and you’re ready. With the Garmin’s customisable display, you can see practically any data you like; average and current power as well as current lap power can make for a particularly tough and revealing training session. It is also compatible with Training Peaks software as well as having its own.



The only area outside of bearing problems that PowerTap is left wanting in is the CPU. Other than this the 705 is everything that a computer should be and more. We can’t think of any extra functions that it should have!


Cons:PowerTap CPU
Pros:Wireless data transmission Compatible with SRM and PowerTap Compatible with Training Peaks software Excellent display options Advanced functionality