ZipVit ZV3 Recovery Drink Rapide 1.4kg




  • Well balanced ingredients
  • Contains colostrum
  • Seemed to work well for our tester


  • Didn't quite taste of creamy milkshake

Price as reviewed:


Energy products are a personal thing, they either agree with you or they don’t.

Recovery drinks on the other hand tend to be less prone to difficulty so as long as they have the right ingredients, you are sure to recover faster. The great thing about Rapide is that in periods of hard and frequent training it is designed to reduce recovery times quicker than other drinks.

It has everything important in a recovery drink, including HMB for faster muscle recovery, amino acids as well as beta alanine and glutamine. A stand out feature is that Rapide has protein with added colostrum – no other product has this in a recovery drink and it’s a great immune system booster.

The taste wasn’t of a creamy milkshake, but they never are, so for me it’s about the ingredients.


I felt as though as I was recovering well after hard sessions, didn't put on any unwanted weight and didn't come down with any illness so there are no complaints here.

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