9Bar Original Lift

will this energy bar give you the lift you're looking for?



Price as reviewed:

£12.80 for Box of 16 bars

Taste & texture

I expected this to be a dry bar with its seed and nut base. It was a revelation when I bit into it to find it was quite appetising and moist and quite a nice change to move away from traditional energy bar flavours thanks to its high seed content.

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Inevitably it does have the highest fat content out of all the bars, but taking into account that only four grams out of the 20 grams listed are saturated fats, this isn’t such a massive deal.

Its high fibre content is also a plus point, however the lower level of carbohydrates present means it is probably more suited to an everyday snack bar rather than an energy bar as advertised.


Considering the variety of flavours available, it is an extremely cheap and a good value everyday bar rather than an energy bar.

It is also easy to find due to its mainstream distribution in supermarkets and health stores.


Calories: 225-230kcal
Carbohydrates: 10.5g - 12.8g
Fat: 20 - 21g
Weight: 50g
Manufacturer: www.9bar.com