Maratona Women's Flanders jersey review

Maratona is a new UK-based brand – we tested out its women's Flanders jersey to see if it delivered the close-fit comfort promised

Maratona Women's Flanders Jersey
Maratona Women's Flanders Jersey
Cycling Weekly Verdict

A comfortable jersey offering an ideal fit for relaxed days on the bike, with a little free speed thanks to streamlined fit and aero shoulders that also feel great against the skin. A price tag that warrants quality but won't break the bank finishes off a good deal from a new UK-based brand on the market.

  • +

    Aero sleeves that fit comfortably

  • +

    Close fit without being restrictive

  • -

    Collar is a little wide and high

The Maratona Women's Flanders jersey is a close-fit summer option offering some high-quality features considering the price tag.

The brand is new to the market and based in the UK – with all its kit manufactured in Belgium using quality Italian fabrics.

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Available in sizes XS-XXL (chest size 29-44in), the ‘Speedfit’ jersey is designed to offer an aero advantage without risk of being suffocating like a skinsuit.

The material is breathable and fast drying and has received a UV-protective treatment. The front and back panels feature a perforated inner layer that lend it additional breathability, while at the sides and shoulders a much stretchier material helps create an ideal fit.

Maratona women's Flander's jersey uses breathable fabric at back and chest

Maratona Women's Flander's jersey uses breathable fabric at the back and chest

The sleeves are a standout feature: laser cut and seam free they sit close to the skin, reaching the halfway point between shoulder and elbow in length.

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There are three rear pockets, with an extra zipped and waterproof compartment for keys and credit cards.

Three pockets and one zipped rear compartment on the Maratona women's Flanders jersey

Three pockets and one zipped rear compartment on the Maratona Women's Flanders jersey

A full zip provides plenty of opportunity for ventilation, with a quality YKK mechanism in place and zip garage at the collar.

There’s no label at the collar, with Maratona stating: “Sewn labels are old hat. Why put something in the collar that has the potential to scratch and distract you from that full-on effort?” However, our jersey featured a heat transfer label at the neck but still had a sewn in label at the lower back.

The ride

The goal of the Flanders jersey was to provide an aero fit that’s still comfortable for day-to-day riding.

Pulling on a size small, the sleeves hugged my shoulders and arms closely without being overly compressive.

I’ll be honest – on your average club run, you’re probably not going to gain many extra seconds as a result of a slightly more aero sleeve. But the upshot is that they’re really comfortable and soft against the skin. When riding in the drops, the sleeves stayed put and there was no flapping material to speak of.

Close fit sleeves on the Maratona women's Flander's jersey

Close-fitting sleeves on the Maratona women's Flander's jersey

The body provided a streamlined silhouette, but without being figure hugging in the way a full-on race jersey would be.

In respect of ‘moderately aero but comfortable fit’, mission accomplished along with a cool retro look that fits in well on a relaxed café ride (with obligatory town sign sprints where the aero features might save a fraction).

The material isn’t the lightest, but was cool enough even on hot days and being slightly more robust than the paper-thin fabric you’d find on a race jersey can be handy when it comes to longevity.

The pockets are a good size, and an elasticated hem at the waist kept everything in place – though more premium jerseys might offer a silicone treatment that creates a smoother line.

My only criticism of the Flanders jersey is the collar, which finished quite high on my neck and stood out slightly proud. Arguably this could detract from the aero advantage of the quality sleeves and fit, and I found it a bit irritating.

However, it’s a minor gripe on an otherwise comfortable and stylish summer jersey option – a great showing from a brand in its early stages of life.


>>> Buy now at Maratona for £68

At £68, the Flanders jersey from Maratona is a mid-level item that comes with all the features you’d expect – with an extra nod to quality and value for money via the stretchy fabrics at sides and shoulders.

Michelle Arthurs-Brennan
Michelle Arthurs-Brennan

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