Zappi Mondo 2 long sleeve jersey review

A retro jersey with modern performance

zappi mondo 2 long sleeve jersey
Cycling Weekly Verdict

The Zappi Mondo 2 long sleeve jersey's beige, retro looks might not be for everyone, but it's hard to argue with its warmth, fit, comfort, and performance.

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    Good, slim fit

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    Wide range of sizes

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    Retro beige style might not be for everyone

It may look like the tracksuit top of an eastern European football team from the 1970s, but if this is the look you want to go for, then the Zappi Mondo 2 long sleeve jersey is tricky to fault.

Designed in Britain and made in Italy, the Zappi Mondo 2 long sleeve jersey nails everything you’d want from a thermal cycling jersey for early spring and late autumn riding.

The thermal material does a great job of trapping heat around your body, and I was quite happy wearing this top combined with only a basic baselayer even when the temperature was well down into single figures. And it is breathable too, which means that you don’t find yourself sweating cobbs, possibly causing you to get very cold very quickly if you stop for a coffee.

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The fit of the Zappi Mondo 2 long sleeve jersey is unashamedly on the slim side, with minimal windflap meaning that you could conceivably race in this jacket in particularly cold conditions. This is continued to the cuffs and collar, which sit snug against your skin to stop the ingress of any cold air.

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However, don’t let this put you off if you’re, well, not of the typical slim cyclist build, as this jersey comes in six different sizes all the way up to 3XL.

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At the back of the Zappi Mondo 2 long sleeve jersey there are three good-sized open rear pockets, which have plenty of storage for provisions and have sizeable openings that make life that little bit easier when you’re reaching for an energy bar. There is also a zipped security pocket as well as a reflective Zappi roundel on the rear.

Personally, I wasn’t a massive fan of the design of the Zappi Mondo 2 long sleeve jersey, preferring my cycling kit to be a little less beige. The good news is that if you share this opinion, there are two other long sleeve thermal jerseys in the Zappi range (the Classico and the Mondo 1) which have the same construction but different, predominantly black, designs.

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Unfortuntely, both of these jerseys also share the Zappi Mondo 2 long sleeve jersey pretty exorbitant £105 pricetag. That’s a lot of money to be dropping on a cycling jersey, especially a thermal one with an uncomplicated design. But maybe this is the price to pay if you want clothing that’s made in Italy rather than eastern Europe or the Far East.