BBB Strike front light

We take a look at the BBB Strike front light




  • Mount offers stability without being too bulk
  • USB chargeable


  • Low lumen count
  • Low run time

Price as reviewed:


With one of the lowest lumen counts of similarly priced lights, a quick burn time and only five beam modes it isn’t a great start for the BBB Strike front light.

The BBB isn’t tool free, though the mount is compatible with both standard and oversized handlebars without the use of big rubber inserts, offering great stability without being too bulky. Providing a 180-degree pivot and a button release, we liked the secure mount offered by BBB.

A broad beam gives good coverage, though on the highest setting it doesn’t offer the most obvious shine. However, on the one flash mode it worked well and gave a nice peripheral spread.

The light reassuringly shows blue when it’s in operation and turns red when the battery is low, which is great when you’re unsure if the light is still on or not. A four-hour charge time along with USB compatibility makes it regularly usable, especially for the commuters, a good thing as the run time on the highest setting isn’t great.




While the light settings are good, the short battery life and low lumen count see this product take a hit


Lumens : 500
Minimum run time : 1.7 hours
Modes : 5
Charge time : 4 hours
USB : Yes
Tool free : No