Thule 757 railing rapid foot pack and 960 Wing Bar

Latest generation Thule roof bars are easy to use and lack wind noise




  • Easy to fit
  • No wind noise


  • Not a lot

Price as reviewed:


  • It won’t surprise you to learn that this is the fastest 100 miles we’ve ever done!

    It’s impressive how far roof racks have come in the last few years; no fiddly bolts, endless adjusting, no fear you’ll have done something wrong, which is only reinforced when plastic covers fall off.

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    Thule’s 757 foot and 960 bars are incredibly straightforward to fit and use, and thanks to the aero profile of the bars, they have proved to be noise free and ready to take a bike carrier.


    All of which only leaves the price to criticise, and frankly I don’t think that’s an unreasonable proposition.