Lezyne Smart Kit




  • Works well
  • Looks nice
  • Costs little

Price as reviewed:


Having had no punctures over the winter period using Vittoria Pave tyres, I was feeling a little smug. Famous last words, as I then blew it all with a rookie mistake. Running the tyres to within a smidgen of their life, I had the inevitable flat.

The Lezyne Smart kit is simple — rough up the punctured area and simply stick the self-adhesive, expandable patch over the top. No problems there. Coming with six 3M patches, a scuffer and an emergency tyre boot, you can’t fault these patches, especially at £2.99.

So far, the repaired inner tube is still going strong weeks after the repair and they also kept an inflatable bed, er, inflated so they get the thumbs up here. A clear plastic pouch should keep the patches together and will take up no space at all in your saddlebag.


Good value, effective and stylish take on the humble puncture repair kit.