Dhb kit is a popular choice among UK riders. The Aeron range is the brand’s top line, designed to be race fitting for the more performance-oriented cyclist

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Score 8

dhb Aeron bib shorts


  • Quality pad
  • Good fit: not too close but still supportive


  • Raised edges to bib straps
  • No reflectives


dhb Aeron bib shorts


Price as reviewed:


As well as the all-black version of the dhb Aeron bib shorts, which we have here, there are a range of options with coloured leg grippers and a flash of the same colour on the bottom of the bibs. Dhb also offers a wide range of sizes, from XS to XXL, to accommodate any size of rider.

At the heart of any bib short is the pad and dhb has specified a high quality Elastic Interface Tour HP pad in the dhb Aeron bib shorts. It’s dense and well padded under the sit bones, with a structured fit with less padding at the front and sides. The covering is smooth too and there are perforations in the outermost foam layer, sitting against the shorts’ fabric, for improved air circulation.

dhb Aeron bib shorts

Dhb’s pad is high quality and comfortable

This makes it very comfortable for longer rides – dhb says up to five hours and I’ve been perfectly comfortable riding for around that time.

dhb Aeron bib shorts

Bibs are not as finished as some, but are still comfortable

Dhb’s cut is very good too. There are quite a few seams and they are not flat locked, but they are not in places where they are likely to cause irritation. The two seams down the legs are on top and bottom, so the inside leg has just smooth fabric between it and the saddle to help avoid chafing.

The inside leg gripper is just a continuation of the leg fabric, doubled over and flat locked. The outside of the thigh gripper is made of a raw edged silicone dot material and provides good anchoring of the cuff.

The Aeron shorts’ bib is made of a perforated fabric with sewn hems. It’s comfortable and holds the shorts up well, without feeling tight. What you don’t get with the dhb Aeron bib shorts is any reflectives, although since they are geared to summer riding this may not be such an issue.


The Aeron bib shorts are a good quality garment and well priced, with all the technical features you need, a quality pad and a good fit.