Muc-Off Carbon Gripper

Do you have a carbon-fibre frame or seatpost? If so, you should consider using some carbon assembly compound in order to protect your pride and joy...




  • Does what it says on the tin (tube)


  • Not the cheapest

Price as reviewed:


Got carbon? The new Muc-Off Carbon Gripper paste creates a great friction mating surface for carbon parts, such as your seatpost or carbon handlebars, doing exactly what it says on the tin.

If you’re not sure what it’s for, carbon assembly paste helps stop components slipping, which means that your parts won’t need to be over-tightened. This is important, as it prevents cracking and fusing of the carbon too. Whenever carbon is involved we would recommend the use of a compound or paste, so that includes a carbon seat post in an alloy or steel frame.

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Carbon paste, such as this, is also useful for preventing scratches as you adjust your seat post. If you are unfamiliar with carbon paste, Muc-Off have also produced this video that demonstrates how to use the product.

We used the product to great effect on carbon bikes we have recently had in to test, including the Bianchi Infinito CV Disc. The product works well, but it didn’t appear to work any better or worse than other carbon assembly compounds. Having used cheaper products that appear to do the same job, the Muc-Off does appear comparatively expensive. Tacx carbon assembly compound (RRP £13.99) 80ml is cheaper by volume.

For more details visit the Muc-Off website.


If you've got a bike with carbon fibre parts, carbon assembly paste is an essential purchase. Muc-Off Carbon Gripper works really well, but less expensive products are available.