4ZA Cirrus Clincher wheelset




  • Good acceleration
  • Stiff
  • Robust
  • Reasonable price


  • No much

Price as reviewed:


Getting a decent set of wheels for under £400 is a tall order – inevitably bringing the ‘strong, light and cheap’ equation to the fore.

However Belgium-based Forza (4ZA), is pretty close to answering it with the aluminium Cirrus clincher.

Weighing just 1,600g a pair, they hold their own with more expensive brands and this is noticeable when riding.

They accelerate reasonably swiftly and hold speed well, too. In part, this is down to their inherent stiffness.


The bladed steel-spoked wheels (20 radial front and 24 two-crosslaced rear) will be too stiff for some, but great for powerful or heavier riders who have previously struggled to find a robust pair of wheels at a reasonable price. Available in 10 and 11-speed to suit both Campagnolo and Shimano.


Supplier: www.todayscyclist.co.uk
Wheels: 4ZA Cirrus Clincher wheelset
Weight: 1600g a pair