It's not often we have track wheels roll onto our page, but with resident track racer Symon Lewis, we thought we would let him loose on a pair of FFWD F9T's

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  • Super quick pick up when rolling
  • Strong and robust


  • Not much!


FFWD F9T Track


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This product is featured in: Group test: wheels between £200-£2.5k.

On looks alone, it is easy to see why these 90mm deep-section carbon wheels are the mainstay of European six-day races.

Only available in tubular versions and weighing in at 1,865g a pair, these hand-built wheels are designed for speed and longevity in mind — perfect for endurance riders on the boards.

We were lucky enough to give these a good run-in during the Spadger six-day last December and can report these didn’t disappoint.

While every race was a rolling start, and averaged 32mph, we didn’t get a chance to feel for any slowness in pick-up, but once rolling, the F9Ts gave a zippy feel, allowing for seemingly effortless pick-up at any speed above 20mph.

Built on Tensile TC35 carbon rims with Sapim CX-Ray spokes (24h radial front and 28h two crossover rear) attached to FFWD’s own hubs, the track wheels certainly felt robust enough to stand the test of time and could handle anything they faced during the high-speed Madison events.


Finished with a set of Challenge Pista 320 track tubular tyres (see test December 19, CW) these felt super-fast. Definitely a wheel to consider if you’re a track fanatic.