Purple Harry five item cleaning kit that comes to a total cost of £37 does a good job to give your bike a show room finish

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Score 8


  • Good polished finish
  • Floss works very well


  • Cleaner needs a little work to lift the dirt


Purple Harry five item cleaning kit

Price as reviewed:

£37.00 (Five items)
This product is featured in: Bike cleaning kits.

A good spray with enough power to get into awkward spaces but needed a fair bit of hands-on action to lift the dirt.

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The resultant finish was good, though, with no residue and no strong smell, so ideal if your bike lives indoors.

The water dispersant did its job and left the chainset and rear mech looking very shiny.


The polish produced a showroom level of shine, and Purple Harry’s big USP is the floss — a stroke of genius — 
for getting into the cassette and hard-to-reach nooks. The wet chain lube is excellent, too — just a few small drops go a long way.