Choosing the Perfect Mountain Bike

The time has come to choose your perfect partner for riding the trails. Before you make any hasty decisions, however, take a look at our guide to choosing the perfect mountain bike, brought to you by Evans Cycles. You can watch our video guide to choosing a mountain bike here.

You might just be getting back into mountain biking or have decided to swap your road bike for something to take you out onto the rugged terrain. Either way, it can seem like a daunting task as it’s not a decision you should take lightly. You’ll need to decide on your budget and set out exactly what you’re requirements are before you buy. It’s an important investment and one you need to get right.

Have a look through this guide to picking your ideal mountain bike from leading UK bike shop Evans Cycles.

Set your budget

It’s vital that you do this from the outset as it will determine the parameters you can work within. If you’re looking to spend under £1000, hard-tails are your best buy. For a budget of over £1000 it’s worth buying a bike with full suspension. Remember also to set aside at least £200 for any extras you may need, such as a helmet, shorts, gloves or backpack. It all needs to be budgeted for.

It’s important to remember when buying mountain bikes that the higher the budget you can afford, the better quality, durable and lighter the bike will be, meaning it may actually save you money on the long run, as better quality means longer living.

Get your style right

Ask yourself, where do you want to ride? What type of mountain biker are you and what do you get the most fun out of on your bike? Are you looking for cross country or downhill specific? If your routes are likely to be trail centres and bridleways, go for a hardtail – if you’re planning on steeper, rougher terrain then you’ll need a full suspension bike. These are all questions you need to be asking yourself and will all determine what kind of bike is best suited for your needs.

Other issues that may impact on your purchase include whether you’ll be competing in races with this bike and whether you’ll be happy riding the same bike for the next year or two.

When choosing it’s always best that you come into a store, test ride a bike to get the perfect fit, and talk to an expert who can offer you sound advice.

Bike Sizing

You need to get a bike that fits. If you’re going to reach your potential together you need to work in harmony. Choosing from Evans Cycles selection of mountain bikes you’ll be able to get a proper ‘bike fit’ performed to ensure it’s perfectly matched to you for size. If purchasing online, it’s definitely worth using Evans bike sizing page  to ensure you make the right decisions when it comes to fit.

This can involve seat adjustment, crank arm length or handlebar and stem length changes. Ensuring a professional makes these changes is well worth the effort. You’ll feel more comfortable and your bike will be more efficient as it’s perfectly matched to you.

 Fitting the right treads

The right tyres can have a huge impact on the performance of your new bike. You’ll know the terrain you’ll be mostly riding on, so make sure it comes fitted with the best possible tyres for your needs.

Essential Accessories

So. You’ve got your bike and are raring to go. But before you pedal away, don’t forget about that £200 you put away for a helmet or a jacket. Items like gloves can seem a slight indulgence but will make the world of difference during colder months. Think carefully about the kind of rides you’ll be going on and accessorise accordingly.

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