Caught on film: the bizarre moment a cyclist rides into the back of a parked car

A cyclist appears to be paying too much attention to his bike computer and not enough attention to what is going on in the road ahead of him

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Edward Barlow had a shock when he undertook his first driving lesson on Wednesday. As he was parked at the side of the road talking to his instructor, a cyclist rode straight into the back of the car – and the moment was caught on a rearward-facing camera looking out of the back window of the vehicle.

The male cyclist appears to be riding along the side of the road looking down at his bars, possibly at his bike computer. He fails to look up on his approach to the parked car and hits it full on, catapulting himself into the back window.

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“So my first ever driving lesson went really well even though some crazy guy cycled into the back of me when I was parked…” said Barlow, who posted the video on his Facebook page.

Thankfully, the cyclist appears dazed but uninjured. He picks himself and his Dolan road bike up quickly as the occupants of the car get out to check that he is okay. Another cyclist is also seen pulling up behind the scene of the incident.

The video should act as a warning to those cyclists who are more concerned with checking their computer’s statistics instead of what’s going on in front of them!

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