Cyclist shaken as truck speeds past within centimetres of him (video)

A cyclist in Australia has a close call as a truck speeds past within centimetres of his bike on an open road -Video credit: (restricted to UK)

It’s one thing when a car passes you at close quarters and at high speed, but when a huge truck flies past it’s bound to shake your confidence, and your bike.

A rider in Australia was riding down Boggy Gate Road in Clarkefield, just outside Melbourne, when the truck passed so close that his bike wobbled.

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Captured on both front and rear cameras, the cyclist can be seen sticking to the edge of the road in the cycle lane, despite the fact that there was a lot of sand from the side of the road encroaching on it.

Being an open, straight road, the truck approached at speed and can be seen to pass within centimetres of the rider, seemingly not moving an inch to avoid the cyclist.

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From the front camera you can see that there was no traffic coming in the opposite direction that would have restricted the driver from pulling out to give some space.