Motorists give cyclist a high five and a cheer (video)

It's not all bad feelings between cyclists and motorists in Britain's capital, as Helen Clarkson's YouTube film confirms

In a cheerful antidote to the ‘near miss’ cycling videos circulating the internet, London cyclist Helen Clarkson has posted a video on YouTube of a man stopped at a junction leaning out of the window to give her a high five as she cycles past.

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The suited man is seen leaning out of the rear window of a Toyota Prius as Clarkson moves between the car and a bus, cheering and shouting ‘high five’ as the moment is captured by the cyclist’s handlebar-mounted camera.

Clarkson duly obliges, lifting her hand up to slap the car passenger’s out-stretched hand, to more loud cheers from the car’s occupants.

“Sometimes cycling in London isn’t all bad,” commented Clarkson.