Spectator causes chaos after pulling barrier across road race course (video)

The incident took place on Sunday at Tour Cycliste Antenne Reunion on the island of Réunion

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Television cameras picked up the shocking moment a spectator caused crashes in a road race after pulling a metal barrier across the course.

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The incident, which took place in the opening stage of the Tour Cycliste Antenne Réunion, caused several riders to crash with two hitting the tarmac heavily as they were unable to avoid the obstruction.

The race, which takes place on the French island of Réunion in the Indian Ocean, was immediately neutralised following the dramatic incident.

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Local reports suggest the culprit was the father of rider Jonathan Boyer (Sainte-Marie Velo Club), who had crashed earlier in the race. Upset that the race had not been neutralised for his son, Jean-Bernard Boyer reportedly caused the incident in anger.

It was confirmed later by organisers that the father had been fined €300 for the offence, but riders involved were understandably unhappy.

Rider Enzo Bernard, who was disqualified and fined by race organisers for causing the crash to Jonathan Boyer, appeared to come out of the stage injured and later described Mr Boyer ‘as a fool who puts the lives of athletes in danger’. Bernard denies causing the crash.