How to lube your chain (video)

Lube your chain to get it running smoothly and quietly

What you need

  • Chain lubricant
  • Rag

How to lube your chain

1. Make sure your chain is clean. This can be done either with a quick spray of degreaser if the chain isn’t too dirty, or with a chain cleaning tool if it is in need of a more thorough clean.

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2.  Choosing the right lube is really important. In the winter when it’s raining and the roads are covered in muck then you should be using a wet lube, while in the summer a dry lube would be the one to go for. Give the lube a quick shake before you use it, making sure that the various elements in the lube have not seperated since the last time you used it.

3. Apply the oil to the inside of the chain by rotating the cranks backwards, giving the chain a couple of passes through the oil to ensure proper coverage. Then put the bottle aside and work the lube into the chain by continuing to rotate the cranks.

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4. Once you’ve done this, wipe off any excess lube from the outside of the chain using a rag, which will help to stop the chain from attracting dirt.