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For this month’s edition of Tech of the Month, we’ve decided to do something a little bit different and leave guest presenter and resident survival expert James Bracey at Eurobike with a very special piece of kit from CeramicSpeed. Don’t worry, we did eventually let him come home, honest.

Meanwhile, Our Dear Leader Symon Lewis brings with him some top of the range ENVE hill climbing wheels, while I have some Oakley Flight Jacket glasses.

Enve 2.2 wheelset – £3100

The ENVE 2.2 wheelset are a hill climber’s dream, but at £3100 a dream is probably how they will remain.

As you might expect for that price, these are a pretty impressive hoops. These 25mm clincher’s weigh around 1300g for the set, that’s about 410g for the rims and the front wheel as 20 spokes while the rear gets 24. Symon Lewis was even lucky enough to get himself a Chris King hub on the rear.

CeramicSpeed Driven prototype

System uses CeramicSpeed bearings to reduce friction in the drivetrain

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Yup, poor old James was left at Eurobike waiting to film his special section on the incredible CeramicSpeed Driven prototype. This is a really interesting concept, and basically CeramicSpeed has eliminated the eight points of friction you usually get with a standard drivetrain.

It also eliminates weight by removing the chain and the rear derailleur and a cassette. These are replaced by a carbon fibre shaft and a one-plate rear cog.

I’m afraid that’s all my small brain can comprehend so you’re better off watching the video where a (very) smart CeramicSpeed man explains the nuances of the piece of kit.

Oakley Flight Jackets – £185

Oakley Flight Jacket

In the name of balance this month I brought along a pair of Oakley Flight Jacket sunglasses, which have a pretty neat features. Much like Oakley’s Jawbreaker (an exceptional pair of glasses), these Flight Jackets are quite out there in their shape, but in a good way.

It has a pretty interesting take on venting, too. Firstly, there’s no top to these glasses so it’s easy for air to escape. Even further ‘out there’ is the fact that they have an changeable nose bridge to help the glasses sit further way from your face.

Bike of the month: 3T Exploro – £3950 frameset

We’ve also decided to step outside of our comfort zones for Bike of The Month and include the awesome 3T Exploro. It’s such a cool bike, with such a bling build for an adventure bike; coming with Enve G23 wheels and a Shimano XT Di2 groupset.

3T claims it is the first adventure bike that has been aerodynamically optimised, using 3T’s Squero tubing profiles to help re-attach air to the frame when it passes by the front wheel.

Keep an eye for this bike in our upcoming adventure special video, in which two city boys travel with survival specialist James Bracey in Wales.