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Back in the day your handlebars were places to put your hands, but now they’re a place to store all sorts of paraphenalia. At the most basic level you might have a Garmin or other cycle computer, but in winter you’re also going to need a front light, and you might also want to have an action camera too.

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If that’s just too much stuff, then you might want the new Cycliq Fly12, which combines an action camera and a front light into one convenient unit.

The camera looks to be the star of the show. Like the vast majority of action cameras nowadays, the Cycliq Fly12 will shoot in 1080p high definition, and also comes with impressive connectivity. It will connect with your phone using Wifi and Bluetooth, and you also have the ability to edit video on the move using the Cycliq app, before integrating with Strava to overlay things like speed, gradient, power, and heart rate.

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The other neat feature is the “incident video protection” which basically means that if the Cycliq Fly12 detects that you’ve had a crash, then it will automatically save the footage for you to either send to the police or upload to YouTube. As for the light, it has up to 400 lumen brightness and a claimed battery life of up to 10 hours.

With a retail price of £249, the Cycliq Fly12 certainly isn’t cheap, although you have to remember that you’re getting a camera and a light for that price, so maybe it’s not quite as pricey as it first seems.