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Cycling Weekly has a bit of a shoe special this month with the tech team bringing you three road cycling shoes that they love. The team also discuss the latest bike from the Italian component brand 3T.

Pearl Izumi P.R.O Leader V4

Pearl Izumi Pro Leader V4 cycling shoes

Pearl Izumi Pro Leader V4 cycling shoes

The new Pearl Izumi P.R.O Leader V4 shoes don’t look like anything special from the top side, just another high end carbon shoe, right? Wrong!

The underside you are treated to a brilliant iridescent electroplated sole that just looks so good. Those of you after a subtle bit of style then the P.R.O Leader V4’s will be the shoes for you.

dhb Aeron Carbon D

dhb Aeron Carbon Road Shoe Dial

dhb Aeron Carbon Road D shoe Dial

Following the name of its clothing range, the Aeron Carbon Road D, which costs £120, is the company’s top end shoe that weighs in at a claimed 257g for a size 42.

It’s made with a lightweight and stiff full carbon sole, with a single ATOP dial and two accompanying velcro straps.

Fizik Infinito R1 Movistar Team


The latest high end road shoe from the Italian brand

Fizik has been a firm favourite to many pro riders past and present and continue to be a partner with the Spanish Movistar Team, which’ll have its own custom colour way you see above.

The new shoe have Fizik’s latest closure system called, you guessed it, Infinito, which we hope solves many of the fitting issues some of our staffers had with the previous R1B. It is fair to say though that they do look stunning!

3T Strada

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There has been a lot of hype around this bike and for good reason, it’s challenging what is the norm within in cycling and for that we applaud 3T.

The bike is without doubt fast and rides beautifully on those wide tyres. Though tech editor Symon Lewis had a few issue with twitchy handling and cross wind nasties. Swapping out the wheels did make a small difference but it doesn’t change the fact that this isn’t a bike for everyone or the everyday.