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You’ve been able to shoot 360 degree and virtual reality video with GoPro cameras for a little while now, but doing so was very complicated. Thankfully that should be changed by the GoPro Omni, a six camera setup that should make the whole process much simpler.

The GoPro Omni, which was used to shoot virtual reality videos at this year’s Tour de France, is not just a rig to hold six GoPro Hero4 cameras, but actually helps to synchronise all of the cameras together. That means that you can control all six cameras using one primary camera, turning them off and on and adjusting settings, meaning that it is impossible to shoot footage without each of the cameras being in exactly the same mode.

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As for the hardware, the rig is made from a sturdy aluminium frame that GoPro says has been designed to withstand multiple falls, and will also help to draw heat away from the cameras to prevent them from overheating.

For when your video is ready, GoPro is also offering a 360 degree video player for desktop and mobile and a companion app to let video-makers share their work with the world.

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As you can probably guess, the GoPro Omni doesn’t come cheap. For the rig plus the cameras it will set you back the eye-watering sum of £4,199, although if you’re lucky enough to already have six GoPro Hero4 cameras hanging around, then the rig can be bought on its own for £1,299. Bargain.